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Serving our communities by providing PPE equipment to protect the people we love the most...

About Us

Necessity is the mother of invention...

Simple Choice PPE Solutions was created as a result of an insurance agency, Simple Choice Insurance Brokerage, trying to procure gloves, masks, and hand sanitizer for its Medicare clients. These products were not readily available for purchase.

Determined to find a solution, LaQuentin Jenkins leveraged his relationships and experience from working for Albertsons and HEB Grocery Company in warehouse operations, transportation, procurement, and accounting to broker the product needed to protect his clients.

Simple Choice PPE Solutions has established an exclusive relationship with an importer based in Georgia. Our experience includes relationships with the United Nations in South Asia and the State of Georgia. We are currently working on opportunities with healthcare providers, restaurants, hotels and hospitals systems in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, and Texas.

The organization has the resources and facilities to build a plant in the southeastern part of the United States. This opportunity is being explored based on the continuous demand trend for PPE Products.

Our goal is to provide PPE equipment and utilize our “TouchFreeSystems” to change the way patients, healthcare professionals, and retail customers interact.

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Georgia Contact:

Anthony Pittman

Phone: 901.218.2300


Texas Contact:

LaQuentin Jenkins

Phone: 800.551.9204


Tennessee Contact:

Chris Ramsey

Phone: 423.619.0732


Tennessee Regional Office:

1089 Bailey Ave.

Chattanooga, TN 37404 

Corporate Mailing Address:

12680 W Lake Houston Parkway

Ste 510-133

Houston, TX 77044HousH